The Module Registry have a number of administrators, at least one per country where the application is used.

The administrators have access to all functions regarding module and meeting managegent in their respective country. A global administrator can assist you in any country.

We don't publish contact information. You propably already know how to contact the persons in your country. Otherwise, you can make contact through the FREMO-forum

Country Name Is global administrator? Area of responsibility Administers groups
Denmark Jens Ehlers No H0 Foreningen For Moderne Modeltog
Denmark Jan Pilemand-Geertsen No N-RE
Germany Thomas Woditsch Yes H0
Norway Dag Cato Skårvik No
Sweden Stefan Fjällemark Yes App development FREMO-medlemmar i Sverige
Sweden Alexander Ehn No N-RE N-Skala Väst
Sweden Fredrik Pettersson No FREMO-Sverige Värnamo Modelljärnvägsförening
Sweden Daniel Bergqvist Yes AmericaN Växjörallarna
Switzerland Axel Thobaben No H0 Fremo Switzerland
United Kingdom Doug Steptoe No HO German ERA III to IV
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